Interview on Co Art Mag and Happy New Years!

I just had the honors of doing an interview with Nick Curtis of Co Art Mag over the Christmas break. It brought back many memories of my past and also of old projects I worked on.

Thank you very much Nick! You really did your homework on this interview and I am grateful.

Here is the link to the interview, I hope you enjoy it. :)

Also, wishing everyone and their family a wonderful 2019. May this year be filled with much happiness, laughter and good health.

I wanted to express my thank you to all the collectors who have supported my projects in 2018. It was my first year self producing my sculptures and it has been a great learning experience. I have added some very important people to my team. Kaelin Sheaves from Calgary and Cyberlich from Sherwood Park who have helped me tremendously with bringing my projects to life. Each project takes many months of hard work and I hope collectors appreciate the love and care that goes into each sculpture.

Just a quick update on the Bao Bao Bennys. They are almost finished and should be ready to be shipped later this month. Here is a little update picture of the bottom. It is the double happiness symbol. I wanted to share that positive energy to my collectors and hope Bao Bao Bennys can bring more joy and happiness to their lives.