Okedoki Team

Okedoki has a background in fine arts, sociology, herbology and acupuncture. She hopes her art inspires others to dream and enjoy life’s many wondrous moments. She currently lives in Sherwood Park, Canada with her dog Mo.

Cyberlich, Production Assistant: An undead painting master who has an encyclopedic mind for retro animation, video games, and war hammer. Cyberlich resides in his skull castle in the tundra of Canada.

Nick Andrews, Studio Manager, UK : Nick as spent 20 years working closely with artists in design and advertising before discovering the world of toy art. He now spends his time helping to promote, encourage and enable established and emerging toy artists around the world.

Connect with us if you have questions about current and upcoming projects. We are more than happy to help you. 

Interested in working with us? We are always looking to evolve our artistic vision and welcome new ideas and ventures. Please send us an email. 

General inquiries: okedokiart at gmail.com

Sales and marketing: Nick, okedokistudio at gmail.com

Instagram: okedoki_art

Facebook: okedoki studio

Twitter: okedoki