Balloon Head Released

Thank you all for supporting the release of Balloon Heads. All 16 were quickly sold out as I posted them on Instagram. I am truly grateful for all the wonderful collectors who enjoy my art and will be adding this very personal piece to their collection. The remaining 2 sets were sent to a show in the UK.

Balloon Head is a fully produced art multiple by the Okedoki production team. There is an Edition of 18. It comes with a certificate of authenticity and are each signed and numbered. Each set takes many hours from start to finish and is carefully handmade. I hope all who will receive a set will feel the labours of love and attention poured into each set. This is the Hope Edition as I feel we all need more hope in our lives right now. Hope to stay positive and hope to stay patient. 

There will be more production pieces to come and we are all very excited to bring these projects into reality. Thank you again for all your support. 

Photo 2018-08-15, 6 35 54 PM.jpg
Photo 2018-08-15, 6 35 17 PM.jpg