Holi's Treasure Bubble

After more than a year I can finally show my collaboration piece with New Zealand artist Ema Frost. I am very happy with the result of this piece, and learnt many things along the way. I wanted to show the serenity and simplicity of Ema's work and her connection with spirit animals. Ema has been incredibly patient during this entire process of creation, which required multiple redesigns and re-sculptings until we were both satisfied with the final product. I hope you like what you see so far. Photos below is the prototype.

A little intro about Holi's Treasure Bubble:

In this charming scene, Holi the water siren is accompanied by her spirit guide Koki the King Fisher. Together they await your discovery of the secret treasures.

With the help of Dave Bondi who will be assisting with production, Holi's Treasure Bubble will be brought to life. This is a very exciting project for myself and Ema, and we are very thankful for Dave's help.  More details to come.... :)