Meet Lover Boy.

Dashing and charming.

Caring and sensitive.

Ready to win your heart.


Lover Boy (Original Version)

Limited Edition of 8. Individually numbered and signed.

Sculpted and painted by Okedoki.

Price: 720 USD/ 576 GBP.

Contact Collect and Display for more info.


Height: 11 inches

Material: resin, metal, acrylic.

Box: Canadian pine, plexiglass


Art by Okedoki can be found at the following fine stores and galleries:

VTSS Toys, Taiwan

Foosh, Edmonton Canada

Rotofugi, Chicago USA

Toy Art Gallery, Los Angeles USA

Secret Fresh, Manila Philippine

Tomenosuke, Japan

FLABSLAB, Singapore

Mintyfresh, The Netherlands

Outland, The Netherlands 

WTF Plastic Co, Nova Lima, Brazil


Toy Art 2.0 book can be purchased at:


WTF Plastic Co