In Little Dreamers Collector Set, these 5 designs are all very special to me.

The Alchemist(Gold Electroplating edition)- inspired by one of my favorite book by Paulo Coelho, is the art of turning something of no value into something precious. I think it's very crucial we are all alchemists. We have to transmute all things into love.

The Lucid Dreamer (Glow Edition) -  when I was little, I had these glow in the dark plastic dinosaurs. We would turn off the lights, and randomly hide them, and one by one we would seek them out. It was a fun game. I have been extremely fond of glow in the dark since then, as it reminds me of a very precious time from my childhood. I created Lucid Dreamer, as he is aware and radiant even in the darkest places. I think this is a reoccurring theme for me, as we have to be the light when it is most dark, and shine. 

Night Terror - even Benny the Dreamer has his inner demons and this is reflected in his mischievous grin and glowing green eyes. I really like this design. It's playful and shows a darker side of Benny the Dreamer. 

Daydreamer - happy, carefree, and light. This is the epitome of bliss. I really love this design, it's so airy and happy, and his expression says it all. 

Regular Edition - I made sure there was a slight change from the original design. Its very subtle, and its easily missed. I wanted to make Benny the Dreamer happier, so I changed the curvature of his mouth to express this. I wanted people to see Benny and have his happiness be contagious.

Medium: Resin
Wooden box with laser etching.
Height: 3 inches
Limited edition of 250
Released in 2014

Produced by VTSS Toys
Designed by Okedoki

“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.” -Paulo Coehlho, The Alchemist