This was a very special piece for a friend and collector. There were to 3 requirements to this piece.

1) The platform be a 12″ Teddy Trooper. 2) It had to be a bear. 3) I could not show him any work in progress photos and that it was going to be a surprise when he opened it.

I really enjoyed the process of this piece, from creating by hand all the accessories to painting each individual texture of the fur.

The idea here was nature as the bear wearing the human head. The bear is disguised as the human. Perhaps in another plane of existence, bears rule the planet and it is us humans that they revere as totem animals.

Materials used: Vinyl, plastic, wood, epoxy resin, super sculpey, rope, leather, acrylic paint.

Base platform: Teddy Trooper by Flying Fortress

Private Collection, 2009

The soul is the same in all living creatures, although the body of each is different. -Hippocrates