Foosh is one of my favorite shops, run by 2 great guys Rob and Justin. For their 10th Year Anniversary, they asked that I customize their famous Kim Jong Il design on a mega munny. The project took a full month of tediously painting each pixel one by one (often 3-4times each to bring out the depth). Half way through, I thought to myself, what on earth did I get myself into!! When it was all done, I couldn’t be more happy seeing how people received him at the shop. He’s now a staple at Foosh, and I’m very honoured I was able to bring him to life

Materials used: Vinyl, plastic, metal, epoxyresin, super sculpey, acrylic paint

Base platform: 18″ Mega Munny by Kidrobot

Collection of Foosh, 2009

We have the best government that money can buy. -Mark Twain