This is Mo. This is Okedoki's dog. Mo is very cherished and spoiled. She will be turning 9 this summer and hopes to go camping in the mountains. She enjoys eating boiled broccoli and long walks in the park. Mo is currently snoring by Okedoki's feet, while Okedoki is dreaming up her next art project.

Okedoki is an artist, an acupuncturist, a published author, a nature lover, a seeker and a big dreamer.  Okedoki currently lives in Alberta, Canada.






Bianca is an illustrator based in Manila, Philippines. She has recently graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and her client list is already impressive.. Her work has appeared in children's books, comics, newspapers, plaster skulls, music album covers, and the world's largest shoe. She is also a member of Illstador ng Kabataan.

She brings her own style and interpretation to the Okedoki brand and instantly adds an extra dimension of creativity and emotion.  With an inspiring and strong approach to the use of colour, her ability to interpret a story and create eye-catching and inspiring graphics is a wonderful addition to the Okedoki team.




Nick Andrews, Studio manager

Nick Andrews has many years wide and mixed experience in the worlds of design, advertising and promotion. Working with artists around the world over the past 10 years has given him an enthusiastic and effective approach to art led promotion.

“I am here to enable and promote. My approach is always honest and designed to be as comfortable as possible for the individual artist. Having spent my life from a very young age being surrounded by artists, it’s a world I understand and can appreciate needs to work with it’s own unique approach alongside more traditional marketing and promotion.”